2012 WCG Grand Final – Crossfire Updates
2012 WCG Grand Final – Crossfire Updates

Team Canada arrived last night in China on Wednesday evening after a really long flight. To complicate things, the snow storm hitting Canada caused a lot of delays in the airport and also affected the flight segment from Vancouver to Shanghai. Some of the players travelled for 40 hours straight before arriving at the Shanghai airport.

Right from the start, the Canadian Crossfire team had a tough task as they had to face China in the opening match. The Chinese, strong of their local advantage and having really talented players, easily won the match 10-2 as Canada was still trying to work together and warm-up. Next was Japan, another hard task, but the Canadian team was able to regroup and won 10-7 with an incredible performance by Roth “Blitzed” Malmstrom. For the third match, Canada had to face Brazil, a new country in the WCG Crossfire teams. Without knowing what to expect from the South American opponent, rounds were exchange between the two during the first half with Brazil getting out of it with a 5-4 advantage. Canada replied by taking the first 3 rounds of the second half, making it 8-5, but was unable to finish the Brazilians. The match kept going and ultimately ended 9-9.

For their third match, Canada had to take on the tough Vietnam team. With one loss and one draw for both teams, Canada needed to win the match in order to have an advantage over the rest of the teams. Unfortunately, the other team had their best match of the tournament and Canada made some mistakes and lost 10-8.  Next, the Canadian team had to take on Azerbaijan and managed to win the match and closed the first day of the competition.

The result of the Japan VS Brazil game brought some hopes back amongst the players as the unexpected happened; Japan won over Brazil, thus putting China in 1st, Vietnam (who still has to face China) in 2nd, Brazil & Canada in 3rd. If both Brazil and Canada (who will play against Germany) win their match on Day 2 and if Vietnam loses 2 matches, then we will see an epic forced rematch in between the Northern and Southern hemisphere countries of the Americas to find out who will get 2nd place.

To watch the live streams:  http://www.wcg.com/renew/tv/tv_real.asp

Stay tuned!

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