2012 WCG Grand Final – Starcraft2 Updates

Today, Canada made its entrance with Sam “coL.Firezerg” Prowse, a Starcraft2 player from Vancouver. Sam had the difficult task to try to finish second in its group of six in order to be able to continue on.  The group was composed of a lot of good players: the best from South Korea “LG-IMYongHwa”, one of the best in the world the Chinese “iG.MacSed”, the Ukrainian “FXO.LoWeLy” who is internationally well-known, along with the German “Darkforce” and a player from Ecuador, “mOJON”. It seemed nearly impossible, according to the critics, that Canada could win within this group.

The day started with the opening ceremonies where Wasif “CombatEX” Khan carried the Canadian flag. Meanwhile, Firezerg was already practicing. It paid off as in its first match against the Ukranien FXO.LoWeLy, Firezerg won, creating a surprise amongst the viewers. At the same time, the Chinese  iG.MacSed was creating a surprise as well by winning its match against the South Korean LG-IMYongHwa. Firezerg played its second match against the Chinese, where he took the lead early on in the game. But with the crowd cheering for  China, his opponent took  the lead back and finally won the match against FireZerg.

Disappointed with the result, Sam had to play against the Korean and lost his match. His score was then 1-2 which was making it almost impossible to advance. FireZerg continued to play its best and won all the other matches, ending with a score of 3-2.  The Chinese was still undefeated. The Korean was playing its last match with a score of 3-1 against the Ukrainian who had a score of 2-2. All of a sudden, the Korean made a mistake and lost its match, creating a triple tie between Korea, Canada and Ukraine. The only option was that the players played against each other. Unfortunately, Sam “coL.FireZerg” Prowse was not able to win and finished the tournament without being able to advance. Result: 1- China, 2- Ukraine, 3- Canada and South Korea, 5- Ecuador, 6- Germany.

Although Sam is disappointed that he came so close, he is still satisfied with its surprise victory in the first match, his good match against the Chinese, and that he is rank third right beside one of the best player, the South Korean. Thank you to Samsung Canada who made this trip possible for FireZerg.

Today, the Canadian Run Tian “Hendralisk” Zheng will be playing against Kevin “qxc” Reley from the United States at 2h30 pm local time / 1h30 am Eastern Time. To watch the live streams:  http://www.wcg.com/renew/tv/tv_real.asp

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