WCG 2013 Grand Final – First Day of Competitions
WCG 2013 Grand Final – First Day of Competitions

The first day of the competition was high in emotions with players competing in World of Tanks, CrossFire and FIFA 14. The opening ceremony set the tone and launched the games officially.

The Canadian World of Tanks team “Miltera” played its first match against the Belarus. Even thought the score ended at 0-3, the rounds were tight. Following this game, the team played against the favourites for the gold medal, the Russian team “Unity”, and lost 0-3.  Miltera also played an exhibition match on the World of Tanks stage against Ukraine, where they won. They will play Ukraine again tomorrow, the last team of their group.

As for the CrossFire team “Kanata”, the players had a difficult group with very good teams, including China and Philippines. Kanata played five matches and although they won against Russia and they tied the game with Azerbaijan, it wasn’t enough to make it to the next level. Kanata had the chance to play one of their match on central stage in front of hundreds of spectators.

Arnaud “kaiser” St-Jacques-Gagnon, the FIFA 14 player, did not advance to the next level, with a final score of 1-4. However, he won his match against one of the tournament favourites, the British Adam “W” Winster.

One thing to mention is that Henry “Hendralisk” Zheng, Starcraft II player, joined the caster Justin “Whiplash” Wilson and commented Starcraft II matches on one of the stream.

Tomorrow, the Starcraft II players will enter the action and play their first matches. You will be able to follow the results on Liquipedia and watch  all WCG’s streams on Twitch.

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