WCG 2013 Grand Final – Update
WCG 2013 Grand Final – Update

Today was the sixth day of Team Canada’s adventure at the Grand Final of the World Cyber Games. The Canadian Starcraft2 player, Henry “Hendralisk” Zheng,  surprised a lot of people by winning its  best-of-three against the Chinese  player Xiang “iGMacSed” Hu, taking its revenge from last year’s WCG tournament. Hendralisk demonstrated that he has gained a lot of experience since last year by defeating one of the favourite of its group. Hendralisk also won one map against the professional Korean player, Jeong-Hun “Sora” Kim, causing another surprise, where he lost 1-2. He finished in a three way tie, but didn’t make it out of his group play, coming short by one map when they tallied all the scores. Therefore, Hendralisk will not make it to the next round.

As for Marc-Olivier “Desrow” Proulx,  Starcraft2 player, he did not make it out of his group. It was d3srow’s first international experience at this level and he learned a lot and will know what to expect for future opportunities. He will definitely reflect on what he learned this week and, knowing his work ethic, will come back stronger.

The World of Tanks “Miltera ” team lost against Ukraine, after winning a showmatch  against the same opponents the previous day on the World of Tanks stage. The WCG tournament also comes to an end for them.

On another note, the company operating WCG Canada, Cyber Entertainment Agency, won the Best Digital Performance trophee amongst the 40 WCG partners coming from every countries . The prize was presented at the WCG Partner’s night. The next 2 days will continue to be packed with action at the WCG Grand Final. Team Canada will also have the chance to go visit the Jinxi Old Town, also known as “China’s Venice”. You can watch the livestream of the WCG Grand Final on Twitch  and look at our Facebook photo album.

We would like to thank all our sponsors who made the 2013 edition a success – G4Box, Wargaming.net, Absolute Furniture Industries, MSI Canada, Cooler Master, GameVox, GIGABYTE, Lan ETS, Vision HD, Online Competitive Gaming, Twitch.

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