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The mission of World Cyber Games (WCG) Canada is to establish cyber-gaming (e-Sports) in Canada, promote e-Sports events for all Canadians and recruit cyber athletes to represent Canada at the international World Cyber Games tournaments.

WCG Canada aims to build each year Team Canada that is comprise of the best cyber athletes from across the country. In order to achieve this goal, WCG Canada organizes competitions both online and live to create an active community and build the future of e-Sports in Canada.

The World Cyber Games International Final, held annually in different countries, emulates a traditional sporting tournament, such as the Olympic Games. It includes an official opening ceremony, and players from various countries compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in various games.

WCG Canada is operated by Cyber Entertainment Agency.

Quick facts on World Cyber Games

  • Organizations from each participating country that conduct preliminary events at a regional level, before conducting national finals to determine which players are best suited to represent their country at the WCG Grand Final.
  • An international competitive e-Sports event where the sports are played in cyberspace.
  • The only e-Sports event that holds competitions across six continents (Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania).
  • A rapidly growing Olympics-like event in which nearly one million players compete against each other for the title of world champion in separate events.
  • A gaming industry conference drawing industry leaders and technology experts as speakers and attendees to share ideas about the present and future of e-Sports and their cultural relevance to society.
  • A worldwide youth festival inaugurated in 2000 and held annually.
  • The largest cyber-gaming event serving what is becoming the largest sports market in the world.

WCG unites cyber athletes from all over the world and allows them to enjoy and respect the gaming environment.

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