Recap of the first 2013 WCG Canada Qualifications
Recap of the first 2013 WCG Canada Qualifications

The first 2013 WCG Canada qualification that was held the past weekend in partnership with various Lan Centers across canada showcased great matches, including 2012 WCG Canada champions and their opponents. A total of 127 players participated in this qualification and over $800 in cash prize was distributed amongst the winners. In addition, the first and second places of each games won a prefered seed to play in the 2013 WCG Canadian Final that will be held later this year. This will guarantee that the players reach the last few rounds of the national final tournament.

Starcraft II started with 32 players that led to semi-finals between coL.Hendralisk and Ineffable, as well as an epic match between Jig and Andro, which saw Jig have the upper hand on his opponent in the end. It was a close match between the returning champion (Hendralisk) and Jig, a remake of LAN ETS finals. coL.Hendralisk eventually won the match-up and was awarded the cash prize of $213. Since Jig (runner up of LAN ETS) and Hendralisk (winner of LAN ETS) already had their seed for the 2013 WCG Canadian Final, Ineffable and Andro will be rewarded for their effort with their own seed.

A total of 30 players competed in CrossFire, where FG.Kanata won all of their games, including the final against YNR. After a close game in group-play against Team Expense (score was 9-8 for the last round deciding whether it would be a tie or a win for the Frost Gaming`s squad), FG.Kanata managed to regroup and secure their title of Canada’s best CrossFire team. Being the returning champion of 2012 WCG Canada, FG.Kanata won the prize money of $200 and the #1 seed to the 2013 WCG Canadian Final; YNR also won a seed.

Finally, League of Legends as host to 13 teams competing in the tournament. The final showcased LG Hunters vs UBC eSports, where LG Hunters came on top, winning the cash prize of $433. Both team won a preferred seed to the 2013 WCG Canadian Final.

The LAN Centre Net effect Cafe is also awarded the title of LAN Centre Champion as all of its representatives were crowned for their respective game titles for the WCG Canada 2013 LAN Centre tournament. Toronto and Net effect Cafe can be proud of the quality of their players and can be proud of being the ultimate winners amongst the participating LAN Centres.

WCG Canada would like to thank all of its volunteers, casters and partners for this first qualification:


  • Anthony Graham – @NostalgiaTalex (Starcraft II)
  • Graham Rogers – @Rif_kingz (Starcraft II)
  • Samuel Ross – @Dexirian (League of Legends)
  • Shaun Delaney – @FourCourtJester (League of Legends)
  • – (League of Legends)
  • – (CrossFire)


  • e-Spot (Richmond, BC)
  • Gamezilla (St-John, NB)
  • Le Skyzo (Quebec, QC)
  • Midgard Gaming (Mount Pearl, NL)
  • Net effect Cafe (Toronto, ON)
  • OverKlocked Gaming & Computers (Edmonton, AB)
  • SwitchBox Videogame Palace (Calgary, AB)

WCG Canada will announce shortly a second qualifier for players to earn their spot for the 2013 WCG Canada National Final.

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